Nancy LeBrun is a writer and producer with multiple Emmys, two dupont-Columbia journalism awards and a Peabody for projects she wrote, produced, or executive produced. She has written articles and produced documentaries and videos on topics including culture, science, health, history (both natural and manmade), and literature.

In the service of stories, Nancy has trekked the Himalayas in the footsteps of Edmund Hillary, made a rare visit to a millennial cult in Brazil, been up close and personal with trapped humpback whales in Newfoundland, and was the first to document in detail the aftermath of 9/11 at the Pentagon. She has written about the legacy of Hurricane Katrina, bonsai trees and cigar box guitars.

Her work has appeared on or in The Discovery Channel, National Geographic television, PBS,, Craftsmanship Magazine, WebMD, Healthgrades and 

Two of her television projects were named among the Top Ten Programs of the Year for their respective years by Time Magazine and People.

Nancy LeBrun

Nancy LeBrun

Nancy is a native of North Carolina, albeit with Yankee roots, and lives with her husband Edward and a variety of canines.


Emmy (Writer, Director), "Survival: Shackleton Story," National Geographic Explorer

Emmy (Writer), "Jerusalem: City Of Heaven," Discovery Channel

Emmy Nominee (Writer), "Beyond the Killing Fields," National Geographic Explorer

Emmy Governor's Award (Executive Producer/Writer), "Great Books Series," The Learning Channel

Emmy Nominee, (Executive Producer), "The Promised Land," Discovery Channel

Emmy (Executive Producer), "Watergate," Discovery Channel

Emmy (Executive Producer), "Catch 22," The Learning Channel

Dupont Columbia Journalism Awards

dupont-Columbia Award (Executive Producer, Writer), "CIA:Secret Warriors," Discovery Channel

dupont-Columbia Award (Executive Producer), "The Death of Yugoslavia," Discovery Channel

dupont-Columbia Award (Executive Producer), "Watergate," Discovery Channel

Peabody Award

Peabody Award  (Executive Producer), "Yugoslavia," Discovery Channel

Various other awards and commendations

New York Festivals, Gold Medal, (Executive Producer), "Yugoslavia, Death of a Nation," Discovery Channel

New York Festivals, Gold Medal (Executive Producer), "Understanding: Television," TLC

National Educational Media Award (Executive Producer), "Alice In Wonderland," TLC

National Educational Media Award (Executive Producer), "The Promised Land," Discovery Channel

NEA Award, (Executive Producer, Writer), "Great Books Series," TLC

WorldFest, Gold Award Science/Research, (Executive Producer), "Invention," Discovery Channel

WorldFest, Best of Festival, (Executive Producer), "Fall of Saigon," Discovery Channel


Top Ten TV Program of the Year, "Watergate, "  - People Magazine

Top Ten TV Program of the Year, "The Promised Land, " - Time Magazine

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"The Fall of Saigon" - Executive Producer, Discovery Channel

...vivid, exciting, painful.  - NY Times

...a masterpiece.   - Philadelphia News

...Powerfully poignant. - Variety

...Worthy of a Joseph Conrad novel. - LA Times


"Watergate" - Executive Producer, Discovery Channel


...Top Ten TV Program of the Year - People Magazine

...tersely terrific. - USA Today

...close second to The Civil War for the greatest television documentary of all time. - Philadelphia Inquirer

...monumental television. - Ft Worth Star Telegram


"Thoroughbred" - Executive Producer/Producer/Writer, Animal Planet engrossing look behind the scenes of horse racing...captivating entertainment. As these shows go, it is Secretariat. " - Ft Lauderdale Sun Sentinel

...amazing. - Oakland Tribune


"The Promised Land" - Executive Producer, Discovery Channel

...Top Ten TV Program of the Year - Time Magazine

...following last year's thriling Watergage, The Promised Land puts Discovery in the forefront of TV documentaries. - Atlanta Journal Constitution

...something close to poetry. - Time Magazine

...five moving and fascinating hours. - The Washington Post

...valuable, absorbing, uplifting...superior television. - USA Today

...inspriring. - NY Times

...memorable TV. - Baltimore Sun

"Mandela's Fight for Freedom" - Executive Producer, Discovery Channel


...three fascinating hours. - NY Times

Breathtaking.  - Chicago Tribune


"Great Books" - Executive Producer/Writer, TLC

Great television. - Houston Chronicle

...wonderful.  - NY Daily News

"CIA: Secret Warriors" - Executive Producer/Writer, Discovery Channel

...stimulating...fascinating. - USA Today

...Compelling.  - Baltimore Sun

"Inside the Pentagon" - Writer/Director, National Geographic Television

...terrific.  - Houston Chronicle

..fascinating. - Dallas Morning News

"War on Cancer" - Executive Producer/Writer, Discovery Channel

...Fascinating viewing. Part medical detective drama, part moving, real-life drama. - Wall Street Journal

War on cancer